Ocular Prosthesis

Losing an eye, or living without one, can be painful and traumatic. Disfigurement of an eye can be....

Losing an eye can be painful, making an eye need not be

Losing an eye, or living without one, can be painful and traumatic. Disfigurement of an eye can be both physically and emotionally challenging; To address and overcome these changes, we strive to restore the damage caused by disease and trauma by creating an artificial eye at our prosthetic centre. Custom made ocular prosthesis can bring a sea change to the life of a person.

What is the Process?

We at The Eye Foundation make every effort to ensure each patient receives the best possible ocular prosthesis and cosmetic result. With advanced techniques, we focus on matching contours and folds of the eye lids, amount of movement and color of the natural eye to create a prosthetic eye.

Ocular Prosthesis?

Ocular Prosthesis also known as artificial eye is a combination of art and science which deals with fitting & fabrication of custom ocular prosthesis working closely with ophthalmic plastic surgeon and ophthalmologist.

Who all Benefit


An absent of one or both eyes cause a small bony orbit, constricted socket, short eyelids, reduced palpebral fissure.


It is a developmental disorder of the eye, Small appearance of one or both eyes.

Contracted Socket: Shruken Bony Structure That Houses the Eyeball

Eye socket may become contracted due to various factors such as congenital disorders, radiation treatment (usually as treatment of the tumor), extrusion of an implant, severe initial injury (alkali burns or extensive lacerations).

Corneal Scar:

If the cornea gets damaged due to disease, infection, or injury, the resulting scars.

Phthisis Bulb

It is a shrunken, non-functional eyeball. May be from severe eye disease, inflammation or injury

Post Enucleation / Evisceration:

Our Other Services

Crutch Prosthesis

To correct ptosis (drooping eyelid).

IRIS Painted Conformers

Corneal scar conditions where contact lenses can not fit properly.

Pressure Conformers

Management of anopthalmos, micropthalmos.

Symblepharon Ring

Used for relieving fibrosis in the orbit.

Anopthalmic Socket

Before & After Prosthesis

Correction using Crutch Prosthesis

Without Prosthesis

With Normal Prosthesis

Crutch Prosthesis

Advantages of Custom Ocular Prosthesis

  • Prepared according to socket measurement
  • Made of high grade PMMA
  • Good symmetry with the other eye
  • Decreased discharge and discomfort
  • Better prosthesis motility
  • Custom made artificial eye provide greater comfort, better movement and a superior natural look