Uvea and Ocular Inflammation

The eyeball has three coats. The middle layer is called uvea. It has three parts,
anterior iris , middle ciliary body and posterior choroid.

What is Uvea?

The eyeball has three coats. The middle layer is called the uvea. It has three parts, anterior or iritis middle ciliary body, and posterior choroid. It has a rich blood supply and a strong immune system. That’s why it is prone to immune reactions.

What is Uveitis?

Inflammation of the uvea is uveitis. It may be due to autoimmune causes like rheumatoid arthritis or infections which may be viral, bacterial, or tuberculosis. We offer best-in-class anterior/ iritis uveitis treatment at affordable prices with a thorough examination of our specialists.


Is Uveitis Curable?

Yes, Uveitis can be cured with the proper medication depends on the type and degree of infection inside the eye. Proper attention is needed to cure the Uveitis at the starting stage of eye damage. Ignorance in taking treatment leads to complete eye blindness and loss of vision. The inflammatory eye damage can be cured with medication and if the eye damage due to chronic, the complete recovery from Uveitis takes more time.


What are the Investigations for Uveitis?

Ocular investigations include fundus fluorescein angiography, optical coherence tomography, B scan ultrasound and UBM.Systemic investigations include blood tests and radiological imaging.

Is Steroid the only Treatment for Uveitis?

  • Steroids can cure severe Uveitis problems with the appropriate medications. The medication on Uveitis treatment depends on the eye inflammation. Medications like Eye Drops, Pills can be prescribed to cure Uveitis. The steroids are mostly recommended for the patients when they do not accept the other medications. At The Eye Foundation, every patient are monitored on a regular basis to observe any creation of adverse effect due to the usage of steroids. On-time follow-ups are done for the Uveitis patients. Exclusive special care is undertaken for patients suffer due to severe Uveitis complications.
  • Regular follow-up and strict allegiance to treatment is a must for all patients with uveitis.
  • Self medication can lead to complications. Hence avoid self medication and irregular treatment.
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