The Importance of role of Optometry in the delivery of ophthalmic care has been well established.

Job oriented fellowship in Optometry

We are pleased to inform you that the admission process for our 18th batch of Internship/Fellowship program is underway. The course will commence from July 2023.

The importance of role of Optometry in the delivery of ophthalmic care has been well established. For our growing population, more Optometrists are needed to care for those in need. Though there are excellent institutions providing quality education, hands on exposure to practical aspects of Optometry are sometimes lacking. To bridge this gap, we offer one/ two year fellowship program in Optometry which will provide comprehensive hands-on experience to the budding Optometrists, which will make them self-reliant in individual or institutional practice. The summary of the program is as follows.

Internship – Fellowship In Optometry

This curriculum will induct students to internship after their third year in optometry, which will be followed by fellowship program in the following year. This lateral entry program was started from 2009 – 2010 academic year and has been well accepted by the students.

Eligibility For Internship – Fellowship:

Candidates who have successfully completed third year (sixth semester) of Bachelor in Optometry program with an aggregate of 60% marks.

During the Internship-Fellowship program, in the first year(internship) they will be simultaneously taught both the theoretical & practical aspects in optometry as per the curriculum. After the successful completion of internship, in the following year of fellowship, students will be given free hand in taking care of regular out patients & all diagnostic procedures. Besides, they have to be involved in the routine academic activities of the Optometry department. Though they will not be paid any stipend during the internship period, a monthly stipend of Rs.7000/- will be paid during the fellowship period.

Eligibility For Fellowship (After internship)

Candidates who have passed Bachelor in Optometry with an aggregate of 60% marks. The duration of the course would be 1 Year for those who have completed degree program in Optometry and 2 Years for those who have completed diploma in Optometry.


During the Fellowship students will be rotated in all sub specialities’ like Refraction, Contact lenses, Refractive surgery, Biometry, Glaucoma, Orthoptics, Retina diagnostics, Cornea, Low vision and Community Ophthalmology. Theory classes will also be held parallely covering all relevant aspects. Clinical skills in using state of the art equipments in all subspecialties also would be taught. Monthly stipend will be paid to the candidates.

Since 2006 more than 350 students have successfully completed this fellowship program and got placed at our own hospital and other leading eye hospitals and multinational companies in India and abroad.

Free accommodation and subsidized boarding will be provided during their entire period of stay. After completing the fellowship, they will be attached to any of our group hospitals for a period of one / two years as a full time Optometrist with a regular pay package and other perks.

Interested candidates can write to us at rpn@theeyefoundation.com and also whatsapp @ 9442217796 for details on admission process.

Admission Tests:

Students will be selected based on an objective examination and interview, which will be based on optometry topics which were covered up to their 6th semester. The entrance test and interview for the academic year 2023 will be held on 28th April 2023. The last date for submission of completed application is 15th April 2023.

Assessment During Course:

Rotational postings and simultaneous training will be provided at all our group hospitals. There will be weekly, quarterly and annual assessments on the theoretical and practical performance of each candidate.

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