Eye Foundation Patient Experiences

Patient Experience

For any surgery to be successful two things are very important to get, one is the center and the other is an expert surgeon,we were very fortunate to get both of them,the best center is the eye foundation and the best surgeon is Dr Sean S Da Silva,let me tell you my wife had been wearing contact glasses/lens for the power -12/-14 from past 30 years from the age of 13, finally got rid of them in Sep 2020 for ever by the grace of the almighty and with the expertise of Dr.Sean Da Silva,I must tell you me and my wife are very happy and satisfied with the ICL surgery performed by Dr.Sean,he is a very good soul,a very charming person and a very experienced surgeon,today my wife is living a normal life without glasses and lens,all thanks to the almighty and all the credit goes to the efficient team of Dr. Sean, also need to mention my regards to counselor Bhagwati Devi,the insurance desk people Mohammed naufal and manju who very efficiently handled the insurance part,also want to thank sister Fatima and sister Jancy for their help and support,a big thums up to the eye foundation and the entire team,its my genuine suggestion to everyone that if you have any problem related to your eye,please don’t take a chance,please go to the eye foundation,they are the best, at last thanking you once again Dr.Sean from the bottom of our heart, God has blessed you with a special talent and has given miracle in your hands. may god bless more.

Name: Aslam Noor

Treatment: ICL surgery

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