Eye Foundation Patient Experiences

Patient Experience

I highly recommend this hospital. Staff is very knowledgeable. They have very efficient systems in place that allows them to keep track of procedures and to follow up. The doctors are highly skilled and treat the patient with genuine care. They also make sure to only do tests that are necessary and they don’t force you to buy unnecessary medicines. Optical shop is also well stocked. My mother had her cataract surgery here and it was a highly positive experience. It is really not very expensive. If you live in the Nilgiris, getting treatment here is MUCH better than going to Coimbatore. Same high quality. Lot of time and money saved in traveling. No heat. No pollution. I have special administration for Dr. Girish Reddy who did the surgery. All the support staff have been very thoughtful, thorough and gentle. Special thanks to Ms. Theresa. She is highly skilled and she treats is with so much courtesy. God Bless.

Name: Stanley Stephen

Treatment: Cataract Surgery

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